Miquel Navarro
Wall City (Ciudad muralla), 1995–2000
Aluminum and zinc
Overall dimensions variable
Guggenheim Bilbao Museoa

Gallery 202

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Miquel Navarro is considered a singular voice in contemporary Spanish sculpture. Wall City (2000–01) is representative of his career-long interest in generating arenas for the confrontation of ideas. Navarro executed his first “city” in 1973, and has since continually proposed revisions to our notions of space, construction, place, and the human body as measure. Inspired by modern urban patterns, his sculptural landscapes feature architectural elements that act as formal vehicles to translate the experience of the cityscape. The artist invites visitors to circumnavigate his urban installations and consider the notion of human scale and the difference between the real and the cerebral. Highlighting order and disorder in industrial society, works such as Wall City capture Navarro’s particular take on the complicated relationship between architecture and sculpture. According to the artist, “Even my most schematic sculptures, without entirely abandoning the figurative, always bear the marks of man.”

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